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Just as a cardiologist will depend upon an EKG to help diagnose cardiac problems, urodynamic testing may help your urologist to help diagnose problems of bladder dysfunction. This is just one of the tools used to evaluate cause of your urinary symptoms. There are muscles, nerves, and organs involved in both collecting, storing and releasing urine from the body which need to work in a coordinated fashion. The kidneys are connected to the bladder with the tube called the ureter. With blockage urine backs up towards the kidney resulting in infection and potential damage to the kidney itself. The bladder is a storage organ sitting in the pelvis which stores urine until a certain amount of urine accumulates and triggers emptying. How frequently it fills depends on how much liquid your body is attempting to eliminate. The bladder empties through a tube called the urethra which is surrounded by circular muscles called sphincters which are normally closed tightly and prevent urinary leakage or incontinence. With normal function, the bladder signals the brain of the need to void permitting the bladder muscle to contract and the sphincters to relax. The information provided by these tests help explain symptoms such as incontinence, urinary frequency, strong urgency, urology group Clearwater, urologist Clearwater, urologist West Florida, prostate cancer treatment West Florida, prostate cancer treatment Tampa, prostate cancer treatment Clearwater, specialist in urology Clearwater, specialist in urology West Florida, Urology Specialists of West Florida, kidney stones pinellas county, kidney stones West Florida, incontinence treatment Clearwater, erectile dysfunction Tampa, urologists Clearwater, testicular cancer West Florida, bladder problems Clearwater, prostate surgery Clearwaterproblems in initiating the stream, painful urination, difficulty emptying the bladder and recurrent urinary tract infections.

When you arrive for your urodynamic tests, you should have your bladder full. You will be asked to void and measurements will be made regarding the rate of flow of urine and the quantity. A small catheter will then be inserted into your bladder to measure the amount of urine left in your bladder. Subsequently, another catheter will fill your bladder while measuring the contractile function of the bladder. These tests will require approximately 1/2 hour of your time.

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