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Prostiva RF (TUNA)

Prostiva RF Thermotherapy – Office procedure

Patient Discharge Instructions

  • Plan on having someone drive you home and plan to rest the remainder of the day. Activities can be resumed as soon as you feel up to them. Avoid heavy lifting and straining while the catheter is in place.
  • You may experience some mild discomfort and/or bladder spasms following the treatment. Use the medication prescribed for these conditions.
  • Drink plenty of fluids (water or juice is the best) to keep the catheter draining well and keep the urine diluted.
  • You may take showers, but avoid baths until the catheter is removed.
  • Take your medicines as prescribed.
  • You may wash around the catheter with soap and water. Arrangements will be made at the time of discharge for removal of the catheter.

Antibiotic: Levaquin or Cipro. Antibiourology group Clearwater, urologist Clearwater, urologist West Florida, prostate cancer treatment West Florida, prostate cancer treatment Tampa, prostate cancer treatment Clearwater, specialist in urology Clearwater, specialist in urology West Florida, Urology Specialists of West Florida, kidney stones pinellas county, kidney stones West Florida, incontinence treatment Clearwater, erectile dysfunction Tampa, urologists Clearwater, testicular cancer West Florida, bladder problems Clearwater, prostate surgery Clearwatertics are used to prevent infection. It is important to take all of the medicine as prescribed. If you develop any allergic reactions, such as itching, hives, or severe nausea, contact our office immediately.

Pain: Vicodin or Percocet as needed for severe pain. Do not drink alcohol or drive while taking this medicine. Dizziness and drowsiness are common side effects of pain medications. Mild pain can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers such as Tylenol or Motrin.

Other Medications: Stop aspirin and Plavix 10 days prior to the procedure, stop Coumadin 5 days prior to the procedure. Check with your doctor at time of discharge on when you may resume medications.

Call our office if:

  • A fever above 101∞F develops
  • The catheter becomes blocked or does not drain
  • Urine is cloudy or foul-smelling
  • The scrotum or testicles become painful or swollen
  • Continuous bladder spasms occur
  • Severe constipation occurs

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